Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hearts for Linda

One of the members of our fiber art group, our dear friend Linda Shea, is leaving New York and moving to sunny California.  The group decided that each of us would make a fabric square for her, using “heart” as the theme and creating it in our own individual style.  Hopefully, after she settles in to her new home, she will assemble the squares into a quilt of memories of her friends at ARTAA.
I have a special passion for feather-stitching, and feather motifs lend themselves so easily to the shape of a heart, so this is the design that became my contribution to Linda’s quilt.  To give stability to the fabric square, I fused it to Pellon Shirtailor® interfacing; the design, which had been drawn onto tracing paper, was then transferred to the fabric with the aid of my trusty light box.  The piece was then free-motion stitched using Sulky 40-weight rayon threads.  I had an embroidery hoop waiting in the wings, in case the fabric showed signs of puckering, but I needn’t have worried – the interfacing did its job beautifully.
Linda, I hope you know that our hearts will be with you always – you are a treasure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Christmas in July

I think that the last time I was this excited after opening up a box was Christmas Day – just look at what I found inside the box that arrived from England this week . . .

I ordered a messenger bag from Tracey Pereira through her blog, and it’s here!  I absolutely love it!!  The bag is beautifully constructed and is every bit as wonderful as the photo depicted it to be; I plan to use it as a carrier for my laptop. 

And the special little surprise tucked into the package was this sheet of hand-dyed pre-cut feathers – these were just too special for words.  Tracey said that she remembered how much I love this motif and decided to include these little treasures with my order.  My mind is going through a dozen possibilities for giving these gorgeous pieces center stage in a new quilt – this is going to be so much fun.
Do visit Tracey’s blog and check out the other messenger bag designs there.  And my heartfelt thanks to you, Tracey – you made my week!


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