Friday, November 19, 2010

Tree of Life: Summer

Tree of Life: Summer  ©2010  Diane Evans  6" x 4"
I’ve decided that I probably didn’t spend enough time in kindergarten, because I’m enjoying my explorations with paints and inks so much lately.  I have NEVER believed that I had much artistic ability; this notion was firmly reinforced by my third grade teacher, Miss K., who, I am certain, was at least 7 feet tall (although I never measured her) and never smiled.  She told us one day to paint a picture of what we had observed on a recent field trip; since I had seen a field of cattails for the first time, I was excited to begin my drawing. 
 I painted three, really large cattails that covered most of my piece of paper and proudly showed them to her when she came by my desk. She looked at them and said, with a frown on her face,  “Oh, no, dear – that’s not what I wanted – you should have done something more like THIS,” and she pointed to Ronnie’s little masterpiece on the desk next to mine.  It was forty years before I touched a paintbrush again – seriously.
So now, thanks to the inspiration of so many of you, I’ve been encouraged to try again, and I’m having the time of my life. Here’s one of my latest experiments -- this design was printed from my photocopier onto pre-treated fabric; following a suggestion from quilt artist Jill Buckley, I coated it with Aloe Vera gel to make the surface smoother.  I then colored it in with Tsukineko ink pens and quilted it with Sulky rayon thread, adding French knots for a little texture.
What fun!  I even stayed inside the lines.  If only Miss K. could see how far I’ve come . . .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Textile and Fiber Artists United!

"Ornamentals: #6"  ©2009  Diane Evans  5" x 7"
(for sale in my Etsy shop)
I’ve recently joined a terrific on-line organization of talented men and women; it’s titled the Textile And Fiber Art list and is the brainchild of artist and computer wizard Rachel Biel of Paducah, KY.  TAFA went live on February 1, 2010, and members include artists, gallery owners, suppliers, and other fiber/textile people.  As Rachel states, “Our common connection weaves us together: a love for textiles and fiber art, new and old, traditional and contemporary.  Some of us sell them, some of us make them, others collect or design with them.  All have an established web presence.”
Our group has recently launched an Etsy team comprised of TAFA members who have Etsy shops.  The goals of the TAFA Team include: helping our Etsy sellers reach a larger market and increase sales; encouraging each other to grow and improve our shops, marketing abilities, and product development; and growing and building on TAFA’s inner community to create real relationships within our group.
One of the promotional tools that Rachel is trying out is a blog written by members of the TAFA team.  Each of us is invited to submit a post from time to time, and Rachel rotates us into the blog.  You can click here to see an article I wrote recently.
Rachel added the video clip – if you have a few minutes (and you don’t mind Barry Manilow), take a look at this lovely video.  It made me fall in love all over again –  bear in mind, however, that I’m a huge Manilow Maven.
Want to see more or learn how to join TAFA?  Just click here.  You’ll find the energy is contagious and the members are incredibly talented and supportive.  Come join us!


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