Friday, December 12, 2008

Were you there for the fun?

The Victorian Stroll in Troy last Sunday was a fun-filled spectacle.  I found myself smiling each time we turned a corner and took in a magical new scene.  Among the sights that captivated me was that of Father Christmas bending down to speak to all the children who walked up to him; he was the most patient of men, stopping to pose for all the cameras, and listening to all the questions from the littlest of strollers.  We stopped at the Fulton Street Gallery to listen to live music and browse the displays in the gallery shop.  There are some wonderful gifts available there for all the people on your holiday list, no matter the age.  Log onto for days and hours of business, and then stop in to do your shopping. 

1 comment:

Pat said...

He's PERFECT. I love the costume and would have been enchanted to discover this character in my childhood.
Thanks for the image from the Victorian Stroll, a delightful event that we're privileged to visit in our area.


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