Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In case you’re not old enough to remember (sadly, I am), TW3 was the nickname of an NBC television show from the 1960s titled “That Was The Week That Was.” Looking back, the short-lived series was probably the pre-cursor to “Saturday Night Live” – in other words, it was an idea whose time had not yet arrived. But the title has stayed with me all these years, and it aptly describes my week at Quilting By The Lake.

QBL is an annual two-week convergence of some of the finest quilt artists in the world (visit the QBL web site and you’ll delight at the famous names you’ll see there). There are 2-day, 3-day, and 5-day classes offered, and I was fortunate to have secured a spot in Laura Wasilowski’s weeklong “Fusing Fun/Journal Quilts” workshop.

Her wall quilts are amazing, as you can see from these pictures (click on each one to see the stitching details), and she is an absolute treasure.

She is the self-proclaimed Dean of Corrections at the Chicago School of Fusing, and, after a week of cutting, fusing, embellishing, and learning the school’s fight song, we each received our diplomas (shown above). And we laughed a whole lot.

Be sure to check out Laura’s website; her hand dyed fabrics and threads are a visual treat. And I’ll be posting my finished “assignments” in the next few blogs, so you can decide if I truly earned my diploma.


Diane Wright said...

OMG! What fun YOU must have had! Hard to keep from smiling when you see those colors and shapes. I didn't know about the Dean of Corrections...good to know. What a great thing for you to have been able to do. Diane

Nina Marie said...

Diane - first of all your QBL work is amazing! It looks great. I was wondering - how much wonder under were you to bring? Is that the fusible you prefer to work with? Its such fun to see what everyone did this year!

Diane J. Evans said...

We brought about 30 yards of WonderUnder -- it's Laura's favorite fusible web. She likes to have all her fabrics fused before she even starts designing -- it saves a lot of time later on.

I haven't used many other fusibles myself -- so far, I really like WonderUnder.

Thanks for asking!


Unknown said...

Unbelievable! The quilt is fantastic and you must have just had a blast. I so wanted to go to QBL this year. It would have been my first time. Maybe next year.

Tracey said...

Hi Diane, TW3 first showed in the UK in the early sixties and was really popular here. David Frost hosted the show with a panel of comic writers to make fun principally of the government at the time. It ran for several years. TW3 started in the States about 6 months after the British pilot ran. Its interesting how some programmes don't migrate too well - probably a cultural thing.

I love Lauras work and brought her book last year - shame on me though as all I have done is look at the pictures! I have just brought a heap of Steam a Seam though. I love this stuff. You cant get it in the UK so I had DH buy the entire stock of one of the Joannes stores in San Jose last month while he was there. LOL! I have discovered lots of uses for it other than bonding too. Because it is sticky I use it to back fabric and pass it through my printer and when I was making bunting recently I used it as a resusable 'peel and stick' template to cut out all the triangle shapes.

Would love to visit QBL!

Marilyn Rock said...

How fun! And; I, too, remember the TV show - That was the week that was :)

Your QBL piece is amazing!!! xxoo


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