Monday, December 29, 2008

Check out my new assistant . . .

I realized that I haven't been giving enough credit for my work to my assistant, Doyle, who's been helping me in the studio for some time now.  He's responsible for a great many of the details that make up my creative process, especially when I'm sewing and pressing (a typical routine consists of stitching the pieces, stepping over Doyle to get to the ironing board, pressing the seams, stepping over Doyle to get to the design wall, and so forth). But his salary is very reasonable -- he works for cheese snacks and a few scratches behind his ear -- and he often cleans up the threads on the floor( by trying to ingest them).  All in all, I'd say it's a great partnership -- I even get fringe benefits, such as a wet nose in my ear and slobbering licks from time to time.  

Monday, December 15, 2008

Here's a great invitation from the people at the Guilderland Library, taken from a news release sent out today:

"It's the Sunday before Christmas.  You're up to your neck in holiday preparations.  The shopping's not done -- or maybe you haven't started it yet! -- and you're just a bit harried.  Guess what?  That's a great time to escape from the mall and mayhem, and take a little family time to go to a free holiday concert.

"Suburban Sounds, an outstanding local choral group,will perform many of your holiday favorites (and some you perhaps do not know) at a free concert at the Guilderland Public Library on Sunday, December 21, at 2 pm.  While you're enjoying the concert, please take a moment to look at the many lovely quilts on display courtesy of the Adirondack Regional Textile Artists' Alliance.  This concert will be a warm, seasonal event for all to enjoy."

Shown above is "One Yellow Leaf,", an art quilt by Joanna Monroe and one of the many beautiful pieces of art at the library that are available for sale.  Stop by for what promises to be a joyful and entertaining afternoon.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Were you there for the fun?

The Victorian Stroll in Troy last Sunday was a fun-filled spectacle.  I found myself smiling each time we turned a corner and took in a magical new scene.  Among the sights that captivated me was that of Father Christmas bending down to speak to all the children who walked up to him; he was the most patient of men, stopping to pose for all the cameras, and listening to all the questions from the littlest of strollers.  We stopped at the Fulton Street Gallery to listen to live music and browse the displays in the gallery shop.  There are some wonderful gifts available there for all the people on your holiday list, no matter the age.  Log onto for days and hours of business, and then stop in to do your shopping. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More pics from Guilderland . . .

Make sure you add the Guilderland Library to your list of places to visit (and shop) before the end of the year. The following works, from the display by members of the Adirondack Regional Textile Artists Alliance, are pictured above:

Photo at top:  quilt by Tina Raggio

Photo at bottom:
Top shelf: stole by Karen Sturtevant, dolls by Barbara Vanselow
Middle shelf: collage by Francelise Dawkins, dolls by Barbara Vanselow, bowl by Lucille Makrin
Bottom shelf: dolls by Phyllis Scaringe, small quilt by Karen Sturtevant

These beautiful works of art would make wonderful gifts for special people on your holiday list -- and there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a one-of-a-kind handmade creation.  Be sure to stop in to the library on Western Avenue in Guilderland and see the entire exhibit.


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