Monday, November 2, 2015

Put Your Suspenders On!

It's been a long time since I last posted, I know -- so many things going on all at once, just like everyone else, I'm sure.  We did a renovation on the house over the past 9 months, and I think we can call it "done."  We added on a larger garage and converted the existing garage into a new studio -- I couldn't be happier.  But, as many of you can attest to, it was a l-o-o-o-n-g process (did you know that there are real estate agents who offer the services of a professional marriage counselor to couples who are buying or renovating a house because of the stress it can cause?  I swear I'm not making this up.).  Happily, Hubby Fran and I still love each other.

Meanwhile, back to the joy of quilting -- and it's SUCH a joy to be quilting, isn't it?  I've recently found some neat accessories that are changing my quilting life, and I wanted to share.

These are quilt suspenders, and they can save your arms, your shoulders, and your back from the pain that comes from struggling with the weight of the quilt as you're stitching.  I first learned about them from Patsy Thompson (you simply must visit her blog HERE -- she's an amazing quilt artist), who constructed her own system.  I chose to purchase mine from Jenoop Quilt Suspenders, and they have not only saved my aching body; they've helped me improve my quilting by preventing drag on the quilt.
The system consists of furniture-grade PVC piping, which can be configured several ways to accommodate your quilt table, and two adjustable suspenders attached to large, adjustable clamps to hold the quilt above the table.  Visit their web site HERE to see the many different arrangements that can be created -- this is truly an incredible "support system" in every way.
And thank you, dear readers, for still being out there -- I love connecting with you.


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