Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Embracing All That Is Me (With Great Difficulty)

Notebook Series: #10
Private Collection

"Loving ourselves is a choice we must make if we are to fulfill our destiny as creators."

Artist Jeanne Carbonetti

Sue Ludwig, a very caring friend whom I met years ago at Quilting By The Lake, recently read one of my blog posts in which I expressed my desire to be more right-brained.  She sent me a lovely email, and I'm printing parts of it here, with her permission -- it made me stop and think.

Diane --

You're always trying to fight your left-brainedness; as a quilter, I was trying to do that myself, being very left-brained.  I know you're talking about your process as well as your product, but did you ever think of celebrating [your left-brain] instead?  I mean, mathematics is one of your muses; it's responsible for order and unity and many other things I don't understand.  And your quilts display that . . . Just thinking . . .


Her note made me smile, and I found myself taking a different look at my creative process. I've decided that, at my age, I'd better start to embrace who I am, warts and all; although I hope to continue to grow and learn, it's probably a little late to completely reinvent myself.  So, thank you, Sue.

Please share your thoughts on your own creative process -- have you come to accept the artist who you've become? 

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Joanna Monroe said...

It seems that we all look at the other side of the fence and think it's got greener grass. There must be something better about it because it looks greener. But you know what? You can have the same strain of grass on the left and the right side of the fence, but it's still just different blades of the same grass.

That's not to say that exploration and learning isn't good. It is, and it's fertilizer for your grass. Celebrate the grass you have, but fertilize it, too.


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