Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Dancing Tree

Isn't this postcard an absolute delight?! It's designed and made by art quilter Frieda Anderson, and I purchased it through her web site. I'm so excited to own an original "wall quilt" from this very talented artist (she also writes a terrific blog).

She has used hand-dyed cotton for the background and hand-dyed silk charmeuse behind the tree. The piece is embellished with delicate machine quilting and hand-worked French knots, and it positively shimmers in the light.

Frieda wrote a lovely note on the back of the card, saying that she hoped The Dancing Tree would "swirl around your studio and bring you joy." It has indeed done that, and more -- it has brought me inspiration, and I'm anxious to try some of her techniques on a piece of my own.

I continue to meet the most incredibly talented people along my art-quilting journey -- I can't wait to see what (or who) is around the corner.


Marilyn Rock said...

Thank you for sharing this Diane! The postcard is lovely!

Unknown said...

The postcard is just beautiful. Thanks for the link. She does have a wonderful blog!

connie said...

I enjoy Frieda's blog also. Yours is right up there too! :-)

Linda Bacon said...

Hi Diane,
I love the energy of your colors. I have always liked neutrals best but you have inspired me. I just bought a peasant-y flow-y skirt of many colors and a big, soft glove-leather purple (!) pocketbook to honor a new decade and the big 6-0 birthday. My right brain so appreciates your images, as I have told you. I feel like your work, aside from being beautiful, provides a portal from my right brain to my left brain. It tickles! I also got a kick out of your "smiling wildly" adventure. Looking forward to more. Thanks!


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