Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's Your Personal Vision For Your Art Career?

Cycles: Masquerade
(private collection)

"Life is a journey; take your dreams along."

One year from now, do you see your art quilts hanging in a gallery or published in a book?
Can you envision yourself as having developed significantly as an artist from where you are today?

These are the questions that helped to introduce members of Studio Art Quilts Associates to the Visioning Project, the brain-child of SAQA's new president, Lisa Chipetine. The program is best described as a public commitment of each participating artist to achieve a specific goal.

Those of us involved in the project have stated our personal visions on the SAQA University Wiki space; some goals are very specific (obtaining gallery representation; curating an exhibit) while others are more developmental (building a cohesive body of work; becoming a known personality through participation in national shows).

My personal goal is to obtain a commission for a large wall quilt through my website. Lisa is structuring a monthly mentorship program to help us achieve our goals, and she has already offered me numerous suggestions as steps towards making my dream a reality. I'll keep you posted on my progress -- I'm looking forward to the journey.

Please share your own artistic vision with me. Go ahead -- be brave -- put it out there. It's like we say with the New York lottery: "Hey, you never know."


Quilt Rat said...

For me, I guess it is to gain confidence and to begin to believe in myself as an artist.
Most if not all of my "art" stems from a "what if" attitude. It is the constant discovery that keeps me intrigued........I am never really sure what the end result will be and if I were to pick a goal I guess it would just be to always love and never tire of the creative process.

Jaye said...

This is a fabulous response to the creative prompt for circles! Hope you post it to the comment area at:

Nina-Marie said...

I want to commit to making my art a major priority in my life second only to God and my family. I want my "career" to last over the next 30 years and be filled with improvement. It would be nice to have some validation through external forces (commissions, teaching, exhibits), but really I just want to experience the journey of the depths of discovering creativity. I want to soak myself in the whole process of it!

Marilyn Rock said...

My goal is to continue to have good health so I can create, share with art friends, exhibit, and create some more :) Wonderful post and I just know you are going to achieve your goals; you're well on your way.


Anonymous said...

I made my commitment on my blog. Check it out. I refer to your posting. You spurred me on, thank you,

Kate said...

Hi Diane,
My goal is to complete a new collection of work for a solo show in Sept., and develop a marketing plan for it. I'm on track creating one 15x20 quilt every week. I'm sweating! But it's a lot of fun and very rewarding. I post pictures on my blog as I get them done.

Good luck everyone!

Barb said...

Oooh, this is truly "eye candy!"
Love the colors and circular stitching!

Anonymous said...



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