Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet the Artists!

Friday, February 27, is Troy Night Out, a chance to visit some wonderful galleries, boutiques, pubs, and restaurants in historic downtown Troy.  And if you stop by the Fulton Street Gallery between 5 PM and 9 PM, you'll get to meet the artists who are exhibiting their works during "Fibers: Strings and Vines," a show which runs until March 25.  This classy and contemporary collection includes pieces by Linda Bacon, Francelise Dawkins, Maria Hull, Dawna Johnson, Renata Memole, Joanna Monroe, Kris Gregson Moss, Pat Spillane, and myself.   I hope you'll come in for the terrific fiber art, the delicious refreshments, and the lively conversation among fellow artists and collectors.  It promises to be a night of fun -- please join us!

Pictured below are two quilts available for sale at the gallery's gift shop.  They resulted from a challenge I gave myself a few years ago to create one small quilt every week; my goal for each piece was to try a new technique or experiment with a different design process.  The collection is titled The Notebook Series, both for the size of each quilt (8" by 10") and the idea that each tells a story of my inspiration for that week.

Notebook Series: #4 (above) resulted from an exercise in arranging elements in a symmetrical, monolith-shaped design, using techniques taught by quilt artist David Walker

Robbi Joy Eklow's technique of shadowed layers served as the starting point for Notebook Series: #7 (above).  Where two elements overlapped each other, the shape created was constructed from a third color (ideally, the shade which results by blending the first two colors on the color wheel).  I didn't always succeed at reaching the ideal, but I had a lot of fun trying.  lements.  The resulting quilts comprise the Notebook Series, named both for their sizes and the idea that each tells a story of my inspiration for that week.

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Marilyn Rock said...

You are brilliant with fabric. Oh; how I love these pieces that will be included in your show. I am unable to get to the opening (unfortunately) but I do plan on stopping by the gallery, during the duration of the show, to see your art! I can't wait!


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