Thursday, June 18, 2009

How Lucky Can You Get??!!

I am absolutely thrilled!  I won the latest giveaway from Terri Cohen's blog, Quilternity's Place, and just look at the prize: Seven (count 'em!) half-yard cuts of the most luscious fabrics I've ever seen!  And they're even more beautiful in person.  Thank you for offering such a generous gift, Terri -- I was so excited when I found out I'd won that my fingers wouldn't type my thank-you note!  If you haven't discovered Terri's blog, you must visit it -- she also runs an on-line fabric shop titled From Here To Quilternity, and both the blog and the web site are feasts for the eyes.  And be sure to look up her posts on knitting chevron scarves -- I am now officially hooked, and it's hard to put the needles down.

So now, dear readers, I invite your input -- I have so many ideas of what I would like to create with these magnificent fabrics and I can't decide.  They're such eye candy that I'm reluctant to cut into them -- right now, I have them displayed on my table like precious jewels.  What would you create??


Marilyn Rock said...

Congratulations Diane! You are right; these are luscious! The colors and patterns! Wonderful! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm; I'm seein' fabric birds with fiber plumes or fabric flowers. Enjoy!

imquilternity said...

Thank you for mentioning me, Diane! Your excitement at winning made me very happy that the random generator picked your comment! :)


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